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Ofcourse, it is our phone! The smart phone has made us extremely dependent on it for everything. From communication, entertainment, clicking photos or videos, social media, business, work and every other aspect of our life. Even banking, stocks, mutual funds, are on our phones! Also, this is one thing that is always on us, no matter what! Whether you are attending a corporate meeting, or attending a wedding, whether you are dressed in casuals, or ethnic Indian attire, your phone is on you!

What do we do make sure that our phone is also dressed rightly for the occasion? Phone covers is the answer! You can buy different covers for different occasions and moods. You could use a very sober, classy marble phone cover for everyday business use but a very ethnic looking designer phone cover for a wedding or social event. You could switch to a bold case for a party and a spiritual one for temples! Phone covers are a great way to style your phone according to your tastes!

Everyone of us needs a phone cover to protect our precious devices from falls, scratches, bumps and regular wear and tear. There are various types of cases and covers and each has a different purpose. Various materials are used for making phone covers that define their functionality. In today’s world where each one us own an expensive smart phone, phone covers and cases have become indispensable! But what kind of cover is right for you?

If you are someone who keeps dropping your phone, or if you have a small baby around who is going to throw your device around, then you should be option for the strong, sturdy covers which are generally bulky and are made of silicone or rubber. These are made with protection as priority. However such covers are not very aesthetic and are too bulky to be slipped into your pockets.

However, if basic protection with great looks is your need, then Madanyu is the right brand for you! If you are looking to buy phone covers that are slim, that look amazingly classy, and offer basic protection against bumps, scratches, and small falls then you check the amazing collection offered by us. Simply select your phone model and browse through the amazing collection of designer phone covers and cases which we have to offer.

Madanyu offers covers and cases made of 100% polycarbonate hard plastic which are then printed with high quality prints using a technology called SM3 sublimation printing. This ensures that your printed covers do not ever fade and remain bright and vibrant forever. These cases are hard and don’t chip easily unless it falls from a height on hard surfaces. These come with a very classy matte finish that gives you a decent grip on your phone and also make your phone look great.

Phone covers by Madanyu are actually an extension of your personality. You can use these cases to showcase your personality. If you are a rebel at heart, let your phone case show that by choosing some bold designs, or unleash the artist within you by choosing a very artsy and classy design. If you are a spiritual or religious person you can choose the Shiva Phone Cover or the Omkar design. There is one design for each one of us, and you will never leave the website dissatisfied.

Since we have our own manufacturing setup, it enables us to have complete control of the quality of the product. We do not compromise on the quality of phone covers and every step of manufacturing is closely monitored to make sure that they meet the quality thresholds set by us. Our customers buy our products over and over again which is an indication of the great customer experience they must have experienced. We also offer a no questions asked replacement if there is any manufacturing defect that you find in the phone case, however we are confident that you won’t have to ever need to replace your cover.

Our covers start from Rs. 249 and go all the way up to Rs. 349, which means that you won’t have spend a bomb to get a cool designer phone cover for your beloved companion. Your phone can now be pampered, and made fashionable by spending as little as Rs. 249! We also offer free shipping for orders above Rs. 500, and do offer COD across most pin codes in India.

India is a country with the most varied number of phone model and brands. Unlike USA or Europe where Apple and Samsung rule the market, India hosts a huge number of brands like Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Honor, Motorola, OnePlus and a lot more. Madanyu offers, covers for more than 200 phone models and new ones are added every month.

All our designs are curated and designed by artists across the world. These designs are made looking at multiple facets like trending ideas, viral memes, latest fashion trends and also the fast changing millennial likes. The designs you find on Madanyu, would not be available on any other website, and would be unique making sure that you don’t get lost in the crowd of cheap phone covers available online. Your classy design with stand out from the crowd making you the centre of attraction!

Apart from phone cases Madanyu offers a host of different designer products that can add design art color to your life. You would love to check out the Coffee Mugs, Eye Masks, Face Masks, Coasters, Luggage Tags and a lot more different unique products.