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Premium Pop Grip Sockets


Uber cool printed Pop Grip Sockets are one of the swankiest mobile phone accessories ever. They are favourite amongst vloggers, youtubers, celebrities and those addicted to!
If you're looking to take the perfect selfie without dropping your phone, or trying to create those flawless snapchat and instagram stories, you need these pop grip sockets!

These Pop Grip Sockets are now available in India. These are NOT the cheap ones you find in the local stores with cheap plastic and cheaper prints! Madanyu Pop Grip Sockets are made of premium, high quality materials and out-of-the-world, amazing prints. These are Re-Usable, Re-Positionable and last long, really long!

Pop Grips are one of the most versatile and useful mobile accessories ever. You must have seen a lot of people using these round things stuck on the back sides of their phone or phone covers. Well these round things are pop grips and are super useful. These round things pop up when pulled and become extended grips to hold your phone better. These can be placed wherever you want on the backside of the phone as per your convenience.

When not in use these can again be pressed and made flat so that the phone can now comfortably slide into your pocket or purse. Madanyu offers pop grips sockets with amazing designs printed on top. These are printed in a shimmery glossy surface mounted on top. You can browse through hundreds of unique designs that will give your phone a completely new look. The best thing about using pop grips is that once you start using them, you can’t ever go back.


Most of the phones today are huge. The screen size is so big that its almost impossible to type with just one hand without the risk of dropping your phone. Simply use a pop grip. With this installed, you get such an amazing grip on your phone, that now there is not risk of dropping it and you can easily and comfortable type with one hand. It is amazing how a small device can make such a big difference.


Often we struggle to take selfies with our new phone fearing we might drop our phone. Especially when we are trying to get more people into our picture and want to extend our arm out as far as we can. With pop sockets you get a super committable grip and you can extend your arm out confidently. It also keeps your thumb free to press the shutter button. Your selfies will be more stable and clearer.


Yes, the pop grip doubles up as a phone stand as well. If you are in the mood for some Netflix, just prop up the pop grip and it becomes a mobile stand. You can now sit back and relax a completely handsfree video watching experience.


Madanyu Pop Grips come with a complementary socket, which is actually a car stand for your phone. Simply slide in your phone in the socket the now your phone is ur GPS device as you drive. You could also install the socket on a wall near your desk and hang your phone on to the wall.


Most Pop Grips available in the market are made of cheap plastic and are designed for single use. However, Madanyu Pop Grip Sockets are made of premium plastic and comes with a special 3M glue that allows you remove and attach the pop grip as required. Over multiple repositioning attempts, if you feel that the sticking power has reduced, all you need to do is simply spray some water on the back side and let it dry. Once dried your pop grip is as good as new! The glue is super strong, reliable and offers a great grip on your phone. Moreover, on removing it does not leave any stain and hence it won’t spoil your phone or your phone cover.

As you see, the pop grip socket is one of the most urself accessory ever and Madanyu makes it even better by offering hundreds of designs options to choose from.


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