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Today, fashion is not just limited to clothing, and accessories that you can wear. Fashion has extended to each an every aspect you own. Everything needs an extra accessory or an added embellishment. In the last decade the travel industry has seen an exponential increase in demand. More and more people are wanting to travel and explore the world. With the astronomical rise of the travel industry, the market of and demand for travel accessories has increased as well. Lets explore one such product - Luggage Tags

It is always a pain to spot your luggage from a plethora of similar looking suitcases as you wait on the luggage carousel at the airport. The last thing you want to happen with yourself is losing your luggage, or you collecting someone else’s suitcase thinking its your own. This happens at the airport all the time, where people mistake someone else’s luggage as their own because they all look same! Imaging how easy would it be if you have your luggage with a beautiful luggage tag on it which has your name boldly written on it!

Luggage tags are great to identify your luggage. It not only is a great way to accessorise your travel bags, but also makes sure that no one else mistakenly take your bag thinking its their own. Moreover, the luggage tag helps you spot your bags on the carousel from a distance making it easy to quickly identify it.

What to look for in a luggage tag?


A good luggage tag is sturdy and made of a strong, tough material. Not only the tag but also the belt that holds in it place should be strong. Madanyu bag tags are made of 3mm thick MDF, and a tough rubber belt. Airport handlers across the world are known for rough treatment of our beloved luggage, and the luggage tags should be strong enough to go through that wear and tear.


What is the point of using a luggage tag if is is not visible on the carousel amidst the sea of other bags. Make them big and bright so that you can spot them from a distance. Madanyu Luggage Tags are sized with that in mind. They are as big asa credit card and we have hundred f bright designs so that you can spot your luggage from a distance.


Luggage tags should have a space to write down your personal information. A luggage tag should have your name, contact number and address on it. You might be wondering why should you write down these details? Well, in case you lose your luggage, and it gets misplaced, whoever receives this bag can immediately inform you about it.

Madanyu Luggage Tags have a blank white surface with space to write down these personal details with a permanent marker.


Would you not like to stand out from the crowd? Imagine standing at the carousel and your bag with a super awesome luggage tag is drifting towards you. Each one in queue before looks at that bag with envy. Would you not feel pride in picking your bag and see all that heads turn to you with admiration? Our unique designs for bag tags are going to give you attention, and who know they can even be a conversation starter with that special one. You can extend your personality with these amazing designs, and show your cool, quirky side to the world.


You can use these tags not only with your suitcases but also with your backpack, laptop bag, haversacks, gym bags, duffle bags and allotter kind of bags to add that cool quotient. These make you look uber cool, interesting and immediately gains you the attention you would like to seek. Madanyu bag tags look awesome on college bags as well.

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