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Printed Eye Masks


Our lives are chaotic, fast paced, over worked and almost all of us perpetually sleep deprived. We live in an age and in a world of stress, anxiety and noise. To catch on to our sleep we take a nap while traveling, in trains, buses and of course flights. However, the bright lights, make it difficult to doze off, and affects the quality of one’s sleep, often making it more stressful to sleep rather than it being a relaxing experience.

Eye masks are a great way to block the bright lights that irritate one when trying to sleep. Sleep masks by Madanyu are made of a soft velvet that caresses your eyes, and the elastic band is designed to give the right fit without exerting extra pressure on your eyes. These eye masks give you complete coverage and blocks all the light and transports you in a completely different zone.


Long flights are super stressful, and the most difficult thing is to get that crucial sleep so that you are fresh and energetic when yo land at your destination. No one wants to land at the destination in a sleep deprived state. Madanyu Sleep Masks will make your life easier and will make it easy to doze off, as it offers complete eye coverage and you experience complete darkness.


Eye Masks can also be used as blindfolds. You can use them as blindfolds for a fun game with friends, hide and seek, and any other board games where the player has to close their eyes as a part of the game rules. You can even use them in your bedroom to spice things up to blindfold your partners. Madanyu does offer some sexy designs to spice up your sex life with these kinky designs on eye masks which can be used to blindfold your partner.


If you have ever had a migraine headache, you know that your biggest enemy is light. A migraine headache makes a person photosensitive, and photophobic. This means that any bright light source increases the headache and intensifies it further making it unbearable. Most doctors suggest that during the migraine attack one should be a in a dark room. Madanyu Eye Masks are ideal for such scenarios. It will immediately block all light, and soothe the person suffering from the headache.


All of us now know how important Yoga and Meditation is! Meditation is the practice of sitting off from the world, and all kind of thoughts and being in a state of thoughtlessness, and being just the witness. There are various techniques that people use to achieve this blissful meditative state. To cut off from the world, eye masks help you buy blocking all light that fall on your close eyes, making it easier to go within oneself. Madanyu offers many designs that are serene and blissful which can be used as Meditation Eye Masks


These sleep masks, blindfolds or eye masks (whatever you want to call them) are made of premium soft velvet fabric. In between it is filled with layers of medicated cotton make them plush and soft. The stitching is done completely with machines. These eye masks are washable and hence can be reused over and over again. We also offer a free replacement policy if there is any manufacturing defect.


Madanyu offers a lot of different products with breathtaking designs printed on them. You would love to check the tea coasters, motivational frames, pop sockets, phone covers all with designs you have never seen before.

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