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Wall Frames and Desk Frames Motivational Quotes, Art & More


What keeps you motivated? What keeps your spirits high, and what do you do when you feel low? It is a great idea to keep ourselves surrounded by stuff that keeps us pumped up, motivated and reminds us of our goals. Would it not be amazing, to have beautiful and creative products around us that guide us, and reminds us of what we are to do, so that we do not lose focus.

It is not only about work, but also about things that you would like to do or achieve in life. You might be wanting to practice yoga regularly, or hit the gym. Or you would want to reminded of the bucket list item of traveling to that place you always wanted to. Stuff like these keep us motivated and adds vigour to our pursuit.

Madanyu Art Frames are designed with specifically this in mind. These frames are designed and sized in a way that is perfect fo your desk. Very cute, these are just 6.75 inches X 6.75 inches making them compact and ideal for placing on your work desk, or pinning them up on the soft board of your cubicle. These are light in weight made of high density fibre making them strong, feel premium but still light weight.

These motivational art frames come with unique quotes with colours that brighten up your day. These quotes are either quoted by successful people or wise men. One would immediately feel positive with these kind of designs around.


Inspiring Quote Frames by Madanyu are very versatile, and can be used in multiple ways. As mentioned above, they can be used by keeping them on the desk. These frames come with a inbuilt kickstand that enables you to prop the frame on it. Alternatively you could take around 5-6 six of these frames and create a collage for your home walls. These frames come with a hook so that they can easily be hung on a nail. What you could do with these frames is up to your creative insight.


If you are looking for a useful and meaningful gift for someone at work, friends and family, then these motivational and inspiring frames are perfect. There are endless occasions where you could use these frames as gifts. The art inside can be selected as per the occasion and the person you are gifting. This will be considered as an intelligent gift, and will always be used and not thrown away. It comes with a feeling of personal touch, and thought that has gone in selecting the gift. The frame would always be in front of the person and will always remind them of you. Isn’t that we want?


Yes, you do. Every now and then, you are bound to feel stressed, overwhelmed and that thought or feeling of giving it all up might arise. It is in these weak moments, you need motivation. Simple minimalistic positive things around go a long way in creating an atmosphere of growth, and a mindset which is positive. Reading a positive quote every day might not mean anything to you, but your sub conscious is getting trained, and getting stronger. It is always good to have inspiration around you.


Madanyu Frames are made using high density fibre. They come with a metal hook, and a metal kickstand. On the front is high grade acrylic which is strong and unbreakable. All these come together to create a perfect frame.


If you like these frames, you are bound to love other products by Madanyu as well. Check out amazing passport cover, phone covers, luggage tag, pop sockets and whole lot more. Add a few products to your cart and avail free shipping for cart value more than Rs. 490.

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