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Best Printed Face Masks Online India - Floral Collection

In 2020, we live in a world where face masks have become an essential, and no one can live without one. Literally. When you step out, and look around, you will see people from all walks of life wearing a face mask. You will observe the single layer blue / green face masks made of cotton which will remind you of ward boys in hospitals. You might even see the typical 3 ply surgical face masks, which might remind you of your dentist, or an N95 face masks which will make you might have seen apocalyptic Hollywood flick. 

Amidst these, which one would you like to be? Would you want to be one from the herd, or would you choose to wear something that not only protects your from the deadly stuff in the air, but also makes your look cool, unique, different and makes you stand out from the crowd?

Madanyu, known for its amazing designs, have extended their product catalog to make space for the much awaited designer printed face masks. You are now, just a click away from purchasing one of the most unique, premium face masks available out there. 

But are they just fancy, or are they safe?

These masks are made of 3 distinct layers. The top layer is a closely knit polyester velvet which sports the printed design. The one that touches your skin, is a closely woven soft cotton. Sandwiched in between these layers, is a layer on non-woven fabric. Together, these 3 layers forms a very protective shield against the viruses. 

Are they re-usable? Washable?

Yes, thats the best part! These are absolutely re-usable and washable. After using for the entire day, you could simply wash it with a detergent. The soap / detergent completely annihilates the virus and once it is dry, you can reuse the mask. 

What about the print? Will it fade with washing?

Nope! These masks are not printed, they are dyed! Yes, you read it right. This makes sure that the ink never ever fades, no matter how much you wash! 

Enough of talking now! Lets look some amazing designs that will make you stand out from thr crowd! 

1. Red Floral Face Mask

Printed Face Mask - Red Floral Roses

2. Vintage Rose Black Face Mask

Vintage Floral Roses

3. Yellow Tropical Floral Face Mask 

Yellow Floral Face Mask


4. White Flowers Face Mask

White Flowers Face Mask

5. Pink Yellow Girly Flowers

Pink Yellow Flowers Face Mask

Hope you liked these floral face masks Feel free the let us know in the comments below what kind of a face mask are you using. 

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